Proposed Rules

The Board is reviewing the following rules in 2018 in order to collaborate and seek input, as well as assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community. As a stakeholder your feedback is encouraged.

If you wish to provide comment on any of the rules listed below, please email your comments to on or before April 4, 2018. 

4734-1-03  Payment of Fees
4734-5-01  Board Approved Chiropractic Educational Institutions And Programs
4734-6-05  License For Voluntary Public Service 
4734-6-07  Addresses of Licensees

4734-7-03 CE Credit for Providing Health Care to Indigent and Uninsured Persons as a Volunteer
4734-8-02  Unlicensed Supportive Personnel
4734-8-03  Quality Intervention Program
4734-8-05  Examination and Prescription Protocols
4734-8-06 Board Consideration of Sanctions
4734-8-08  Universal Precautions
4734-8-09 Concussion Management
4734-9-01  Fine Schedules
4734-9-03  Signage and Display of License
4734-9-04  Ownership of Chiropractic Practices 
4734-9-05  Confidentiality
4734-9-06  Sexual Misconduct
4734-9-08  Professional Ethics
4734-9-09  Fee Splitting Prohibited
4734-9-10  Conduct Following Action Against a License
4734-9-11  Prepayment Plans
4734-10-03 Application for Acupuncture Certificate
4734-10-05 Acupuncture Referral

What happens after April 4, 2018?

Once the Board considers the feedback received and makes a final determination on the rules, you will receive an email notification advising whether the rules will remain unchanged or be eliminated or amended. A document called a Business Impact Analysis Form will be included with the notification to explain the impact the rules, and any proposed changes, have on business. This second notification will give you a deadline for which to comment on any of the proposed rules to the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) Office.

The CSI Office will review the rules and the comments received and will provide a recommendation to the Board to either proceed or make modifications to a rule(s). The Board will then proceed with formally filing the rules with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) for adoption. A formal rules hearing will be held and you will receive an email notification advising of the date and time of the hearing at which time you may provide written or in-person testimony.

For more detailed information on the Board’s rule making process and your opportunities to provide input, please review the Board’s Guide to Public Rulemaking.

Links to documents pertinent to the CSI/Rulemaking process:
Link to Executive Order 2011-01K:
Link to SB 2:
Link to CSI Office:
Link to CSI Flow Chart:
Link to Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review:


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