Confidential Information Policy

Ohio State Chiropractic Board
Confidential Personal Information

This policy applies to all employees, Board members and contractors for the Board.  These individuals will collectively be referred to as “Board employees” unless otherwise noted. This policy pertains to all records (paper and electronic) containing confidential personal information (CPI) that the Board collects and possesses in its course of business. 

Data Privacy Point of Contact

The Data Privacy Point of Contact for the Board is the Executive Director.

Criteria for determining level of access required for an employee; Board member and/or contractor to access CPI; level of access and which supervisory employees of the Board may authorize employees to access to CPI:

As secretary of the Board, the Executive Director is the official custodian of the Board’s records and is responsible for the Board’s personal information system and CPI.  Due to the performance of cross duties by all Board staff, all staff employees shall have access to all CPI in the Board’s possession, with the exception of CPI contained in employee personnel records, for which only the Director and Executive Assistant may access.

Board members shall not have access to CPI unless that Board Member serves as the Board Designate for disciplinary cases.  All investigative and/or medical records transmitted to a Board Designate shall have CPI removed.

Medical records transmitted to Expert Witness Contractors shall have CPI redacted.

The following rules are incorporated into this policy:

4734-3-01        Personal Information Systems Definitions
4734-3-02        Procedures for Accessing Confidential Personal Information

4734-3-03        Valid Reasons for Accessing Confidential Personal Information
4734-3-04        Confidentiality Laws
4734-3-05        Restricting and Logging Access to Confidential Personal Information in Computerized Personal Information Systems



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