Applicant F.A.Q.



Q. May I practice in Ohio prior to taking the Jurisprudence Exam?
A. No.

Q. Will I be permitted take the Jurisprudence exam if any of my credentials are missing?
A. No.

Q. Should I have my fingerprints taken manually or electronically through a WebCheck vendor?
A. The Board strongly recommends that you have your fingerprints taken electronically through a WebCheck vendor. Manual fingerprint results take several weeks to process.

Q. May I take the Jurisprudence exam before I graduate since it is now online?
A. No. You must complete the Board’s application process and your application must be approved by the Board before you will be scheduled to take the exam.

Q. I graduated from chiropractic college after June 30, 2010 and I do not have a bachelor, masters, or doctorate degree. Can I be licensed in Ohio?
A. Yes. Once you earn a bachelor, masters, or doctorate degree you may apply for licensure.

Q. I am licensed in a state that did not require the written NBCE Physiotherapy Examination. Can I be licensed in Ohio?
A. Yes. Once you have taken and passed the NBCE Physiotherapy exam you may apply for licensure.

Q. Can I be licensed through reciprocity?
A. The Board does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other state. Applicants who do not possess the requisite NBCE exams based upon their graduation date may apply for licensure via another state’s license if the applicant can present satisfactory proof of being licensed to practice chiropractic in another state or country where the requirements for receipt of the license, on the date the license was issued, are considered by the Board to be substantially equivalent to those of ORC Chapter 4734.

Q. I’ve graduated from chiropractic college and have passed the Acupuncture exam offered by the NBCE. Can I practice acupuncture once I am a licensed?
A. No. You must apply for a certificate from the Board to practice acupuncture. See Apply for a Certificate to Practice Acupuncture.

Q. I’ve recently had a fingerprint background check completed through my employer. Can I submit those results with my chiropractic application?
A. No. You must complete a new FBI/BCI fingerprint background check. See Background Checks.

Q. I have a criminal history. Can I apply for a license?
A. Generally, yes. Please review the Board’s Criminal Conviction Review Policy for more information.




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