Travel to Treat

Effective 3/27/13

Chiropractic physicians who wish to travel to Ohio with an athletic team to treat athletes may do so pursuant to a written agreement with an athletic team that is located in the state in which the person holds the license. (e.g., if the athletic team is located in Indiana, the chiropractic physician must possess an Indiana license.)

While the team is traveling to or from or participating in a sporting event in Ohio, the chiropractic physician may provide chiropractic services to any of the following:
  • A member of the athletic team; 
  • A member of the athletic team’s coaching, communications, equipment, or sports medicine staff; 
  • A member of a band or cheerleading squad accompanying the athletic team; 
  • The athletic team’s mascot. 

In providing chiropractic services to the individuals listed above, the chiropractic physician is not permitted to provide chiropractic services at a health care facility.


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