CE Requirements

General Requirements for ALL CE Programs
  • Must have significant intellectual or practical content;
  • Primary objective must be to improve professional competence; 
  • Topics of clinical benefit to consumers; 
  • Instructors qualified by education or experience to provide instruction in the subject matter; 
  • Presented in a setting suited to the educational activity of the program; 
  • Content based upon scientific evidence generally accepted by the profession
CE hours for your next renewal must be earned between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2020

CE requirement for chiropractic license:       34 Chiropractic hours
                                                                        + 2 Board mandated topic hours
                                                                         36 Total CE hours

CE requirement for chiropractors who           22 Chiropractic hours
also possess an acupuncture certificate:    12 Acupuncture hours
                                                                         + 2 Board mandated topic hours
                                                                          36 Total CE hours



  • No in-state earning requirement.
  • No limit on out of state or online CE hours.
  • Chiropractors who simultaneously hold an acupuncture certificate are only required to earn 36 hours to renew both licenses.
  • 2 hours of Board mandated CE required on any combination of these topics: 
  • Ethics and professionalism/ human trafficking awareness/laws and rules of the Board.




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