License Renewal FAQs

1. Q. Am I exempt for not renewing on time if I did not receive the Board’s renewal notification?
A. No.

2. Q. Can the Board waive or reduce my renewal fee?

A. No.

3. Q. Can I submit my CE certificates with my renewal application?
A. No. Only submit certificates if you are audited.

4. Q. Can my renewal fee be refunded if I renew my license but change my mind?
A. No, renewal fees are non-refundable.

5. Q. Can I carry hours over if I’ve earned more than 36 hours of CE this biennium?
A. No, CE hours may not be carried over towards a future biennium.

6. Q. Am I required to earn CE if my license is inactive?
A. No. Only upon applying for reinstatement will you need to earn CE credit. Click here to be directed to the Board’s reinstatement instructions.

7. Q. Can I earn CE on the topic of acupuncture to renew my chiropractic license?
A. Yes, acupuncture is an approved subject for chiropractic renewal.

8. Q. Can I use 16 hours of chiropractic CE that I did not claim on my last renewal towards my next
A. No, hours may not be retroactively applied.


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