There is no limit on earning online CE, all hours may be earned online.


  1. The program shall have a mechanism to ensure that users view each page of the program;
  2. The program shall ensure the user has earned all of the time required for the program;
  3. The program shall have a mechanism in place for the user to be able to contact the provider regarding questions about the CE activity;
  4. The program shall include a mechanism to evaluate the user's knowledge of the subject matter contained in the CE activity;
  5. The program shall provide a printed verification or allow the user to print verification only upon completion of the CE activity;
  6. The program shall ensure that users have earned all of the time required within the program before completing the program;
  7. The program shall ensure that course time cannot be earned away from the program and shall ensure automatic logout if the keyboard becomes unattended;
  8. Programs shall be earned one at a time. The program shall not grant CE credit for multiple windows or programs completed simultaneously.


Online Programs:

Must have significant intellectual or practical content;
The primary objective must be to improve professional competence;
Be on topic(s) of clinical benefit to consumers;
Must be suited to the educational activity of the program;
The content must be based upon scientific evidence generally accepted by the profession




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