Proposed Rules

Sub. HB 122, which sets forth the provisions of telehealth services, became effective March 23, 2022.

The Board is formally notifying you that it intends to adopt a Board Rule to accommodate this new law and to collaborate and seek input, as well as assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community. As a stakeholder your feedback is encouraged. If you wish to provide comment on the proposed draft rule, please respond to me at on or before August 23, 2022. All feedback will be considered by the Board at its August 25, 2022 Board meeting.

4734-8-10 Telehealth

What happens after the August 25, 2022 Board Meeting?

The Board will consider the feedback received and decide on how to proceed with the rule. Once the Board has made a final determination, you will receive an email notification. A document called a Business Impact Analysis Form will be included with the notification to explain the impact the rule may have on business, and proposed changes. With this second notification you will have the opportunity to comment on the rule to the Common Sense Initiative Office.

The CSI Office will review the rule and comments received and will provide a recommendation to the Board to either proceed or make modifications to the rule. The Board will then proceed with formally filing the rule with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) for adoption. A formal rules hearing will be held, and you will receive an email notification advising of the date and time of the hearing at which time you may provide written or in-person testimony.

The Board is proposing the following action as a result of the required five year review of these rules:

  • 4734-7-01  Renewal Requirements AMEND
  • 4734-7-02  Standards and Requirements for Continuing Education AMEND
  • 4734-10-06  Inactive Acupuncture Certificate; Restoration of Acupuncture Certificate AMEND
  • Business Impact Analysis – An assessment of each rule, along with the proposed changes and justification for the adverse impact on business.

The comment period on these rules ended on May 12, 2021.

Important Links

Link to CSI Office:
Link to Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review:

To learn more about the rule making process, please visit:

Board’s Guide to Rulemaking
Common Sense Initiative Office
Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review

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