Apply for a Certificate to Practice Acupuncture

Chiropractic physicians who possess a current, valid Ohio chiropractic license may apply for a certificate to practice acupuncture. In general, the same Administrative Rules apply to the practice of acupuncture as do the practice of chiropractic. If your chiropractic license is forfeited or inactive or is suspended or revoked, your acupuncture certificate will likewise be forfeited, inactivated, suspended or revoked. 

All applicants for an acupuncture certificate must apply online through the eLicense portal. Instructions for filing via the Portal are listed below. (Use Chrome or Fire Fox- the Portal is not compatible with Explorer).


The following documents must be sent to the Board office directly from the issuing entity. 

  • Official transcript from a Board-approved provider reflecting 300 hours of acupuncture education.
  • NBCE transcript reflecting a score of 375 or higher on the acupuncture exam.

You must upload the following documents in the portal with your application:

  • Supporting documentation for affirmative answers related to Background Questions, if applicable: Criminal Case Form 

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Board-Approved Acupuncture Courses

Logan University
(636) 230-1965

Northeast College of Health Sciences
International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
(800) 327-1113

Ohio State Chiropractic Association

Acupuncture Advertising
A chiropractic physician who holds a certificate to practice acupuncture may represent or advertise that he or she is a "chiropractor certified by the state chiropractic board to practice acupuncture." Unless the chiropractic physician holds an acupuncture license issued by the State Medical Board of Ohio, the chiropractic physician shall not represent or advertise as holding any of the titles listed in ORC 4762.08.

Acupuncture Referral
Chiropractic physicians are permitted to refer patients to acupuncturists and oriental medicine practitioners licensed by the State Medical Board for acupuncture services. If a patient is referred to an acupuncturist or oriental medicine practitioner for acupuncture services, the chiropractic physician must comply with the supervision requirements outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4762.10


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